Consultancy and Customised Training

Ardito offers a comprehensive Performance Improvement consulting service that recognises the growing emphasis on measuring the real results of training, moving from simply event-based training to a broader range of educational services.

Our consulting service diagnoses workplace factors and provides learning interventions to improve business-related performance measurements at the organisational, process and individual levels.

The model is based on a six-phase process and includes:

      • Analysing business objectives and goals
      • Determining staffing goals
      • Developing job definitions
      • Skills definitions and skills gap assessment
      • Outlining learning interventions
      • learning assessments and learning feedback

Training Needs Assessment and Customised Training

We are highly flexible in structuring customised training programmes, catering for the specific training and skill development needs of your organisation.

Through our knowledge-based training programmes, custom course development and administrative support services, we are able to provide a well-rounded, professional skills development for all areas of your organisation.

Training programmes can be customised to suit your individual organisation needs and can also be designed, developed, and delivered around your own proprietary software.