Outlook Introduction

Duration: 1 day | Book this course
Cost: $395.00 + GST

Course Description

This comprehensive one-day course will introduce new users to Outlook features. Participants will learn how to send and receive messages; manage folders and messages; and schedule appointments and meetings. In addition, participants will learn how to manage tasks and create new contacts.


Participants should have completed the Basic Computer Skills course or have equivalent experience.

Who Should Take This Course
This course is designed for new users of Outlook.  If you are unsure, please complete a Training Needs Assessment form by clicking here or email admin@ardito.co.nz.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

  1. Understand the Outlook screen
  2. Send and receive messages
  3. Organise messages into folders
  4. Attach files and add a signature to a message
  5. Schedule appointments and meetings
  6. Use Tasks and To-do lists
  7. Manage contacts/people

Course Outline

Introducing Outlook 

  • Understanding the Outlook Screen
  • Getting Help

Changing the View of Outlook mail folder

Sending emails

  • Creating and sending a message
  • Understanding CC & BCC
  • Spell checking a message
  • Setting message importance and sensitivity
  • Saving a draft copy of an email
  • Adding a signature to a message

Receiving, reading and replying to messages

  • Previewing and reading messages
  • Understanding when to Reply, Reply All and Forward a message
  • Marking a message as unread
  • Flagging a message

Deleting emails

Working with Attachments

  • Attach a file to an email
  • Remove an attached file
  • Opening and saving attachments


  • Printing a message
  • Printing options

Mail Customisation

  • Using message stationery
  • Modifying message formats
  • Adding an inbox heading

Searching for emails

  • Searching for emails by sender, subject or content
  • Sorting emails


  • Creating a folder
  • Moving a message to a folder
  • Deleting a folder

People Contacts

  • Creating and deleting a contact
  • Creating, editing and deleting contact groups

Tasks & To-do lists

  • Creating and manipulating tasks/To-do lists

The Calendar

  • Creating, editing and deleting appointments
  • Setting up a recurring appointment
  • Scheduling and replying to a meeting
  • Tracking meeting responses
  • Cancelling a meeting
  • Viewing multiple calendars

Outlook Intermediate

Duration: 1 day | Book this course
Cost: $395.00 + GST

Course Description

This course will show participants how to customise Outlook; manage outgoing email messages; work with views and groups and manage Outlook items using categories. In addition, participants will learn how to use rules and alerts to automate actions; manage Calendar features; use Outlook Tasks to create, assign and track tasks; manage Outlook contacts by adding to favourites, viewing business cards and creating contact groups.


Participants should have completed the Outlook Introduction level or have equivalent experience. If you are unsure, please complete a Training Needs Assessment form by clicking here or email admin@ardito.co.nz

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

  1. Customise Outlook interface by adding items to the Quick Access toolbar and customising the ribbon.
  2. Manage e-mail messages including flagging, tracking and recalling message
  3. Use rules and alerts to automate actions
  4. Using the voting feature in Outlook
  5. Managing the Outlook calendar by setting up, changing and deleting meetings
  6. Tracking meeting responses
  7. Creating, assigning and tracking tasks.
  8. Creating people contacts and groups

Course Outline

Customising Outlook

  • Adding Items to the Quick Access toolbar
  • Creating a new tab on the ribbon
  • Exporting and Importing customisations

Managing E-Mail Messages

  • Flagging messages
  • Changing Importance and Sensitivity levels of a message
  • Voting with messages
  • Tracking and recalling messages
  • Ignore and clean up messages
  • Setting or changing delivery options for a message

Calendar features

  • Setting up, changing and cancelling meetings
  • Responding to a meeting request
  • Tracking meeting responses
  • Setting up recurring appointments and events
  • Calendar sharing


  • Creating tasks
  • Assigning and tracking tasks


  • Adding contacts to favourites
  • Viewing business cards
  • Recording work anniversaries for contacts
  • Creating and editing contact groups
  • Share contacts

Outlook for Time Management

 Duration: 1 day | Book this course
Cost: $395.00 + GST

 Course Description

 In today’s fast-paced world, many people often feel as though they cannot find time to get everything done. In a work-related environment, the ongoing pressure to achieve business goals, as well as the responsibility to meet deadlines, respond to customer demands, and stay ahead of the competition, are common problems. Feeling overwhelmed because of the workload can result in stress and a sense of helplessness. The right time management skills, however, can help you avoid these problems.

Time Management Using Outlook teaches participants to set priorities, which is the first step in learning how to manage time effectively. In addition, participants learn techniques to create a more efficient workplace, including developing strategies for skill improvement with respect to scheduling, analysing, planning, avoiding procrastination, and handling interruptions. Participants will also be exposed to a variety of time management tools, including planners and calendars. In addition, the participants learn the fundamentals of using a computer-based e-mail application (Microsoft Outlook), including managing folders. 

Familiarity with the Windows operating system is essential.

Course Outline

  • Examining how you currently allocate your time
  • Prioritising your Time
  • Analysing, Planning and Scheduling your Time
  • Avoiding Procrastination
  • Managing Interruptions and Time Wasters
  • Microsoft Outlook Overview
  • Managing the Email Inbox
  • The Outlook Calendar
  • Outlook Task Features