PowerPoint Introduction

Duration: 1 day | Book this course
Cost: $395.00 + GST

Course Description

Participants in this one-day introductory class will learn all the fundamental aspects of creating and running PowerPoint presentations. Participants will learn how to insert slides, modify and apply themes to slides, add placeholders, text, graphics and shapes.  Finally the course covers how to seamlessly run a slide show.


Familiarity with the Windows operating system is essential.

Who Should Take This Course
New users of PowerPoint who would like to create a basic corporate presentation.  If you are unsure, please complete a Training Needs Assessment form by clicking here or email admin@ardito.co.nz.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

  1. Open and run a presentation
  2. Create a blank presentation and insert slides.
  3. Add and format text
  4. Insert and edit illustrations and images
  5. View and manage slides.
  6. Present a slide show.

Course Outline

Introducing PowerPoint

  • The PowerPoint screen (The File menu, Quick Access Toolbar, Views, Zoom)
  • Understanding File Types
  • Getting Help
  • Using undo and redo
  • Opening, closing and saving a presentation
  • Navigating between slides
  • Switching between multiple presentations 

Creating a Presentation

  • Creating a new blank Presentation
  • Creating a Presentation from a Template
  • Inserting new slides
  • Saving the new Presentation

 Manipulating Slides

  • Changing the Slide Layout
  • Changing the background of a slide
  • Applying a theme to a presentation

Using Master Pages

  • Working with Slide masters
  • Working with Handout masters
  • Working with Notes masters

 Working with Text

  • Inserting text boxes
  • Moving, copying and deleting text
  • Finding and Replacing Text

Font and Paragraph formatting

  • Changing font, font size and adding font effects
  • Aligning text and changing text direction
  • Creating columns
  • Adding bullets and numbering
  • Using Format Painter

Working with Illustration

  • Inserting illustrations including shapes and SmartArt
  • Manipulating illustrations (incl. copying, deleting and resizing)
  • Grouping and ungrouping objects
  • Rotating, laying and aligning objects

Managing Slides

  • Moving between slides
  • Copying and deleting slides

Presenting the Slide Shows

  • Spell checking the presentation
  • Adding transition effects to the slides
  • Adding animation effects to text and illustrations
  • Running the slide show (including pointer options and accessing screen options)
  • Using Presenter view

Printing and Proofing

  • Using portrait or landscape orientation
  • Switching between standard and widescreen formats
  • Selecting your output format
  • Printing a presentation

      PowerPoint Intermediate

      Duration: 1 day | Book this course
      Cost: $395.00 + GST

      Course Description

      In this intermediate level course participants will learn how to enhance their presentations through use of media (audio and video), animation effects, charts and SmartArt.  In addition participants will learn how to create photo albums, tables and work with templates and Slide Masters.  Finally the participant will lean how to merge and export slides, link objects and use the Presenter View.


      Participants should have completed the PowerPoint Introduction level or have equivalent experience.

      Who Should Take This Course
      People wanting their presentations to look more dynamic and more engaging.

      Course Objectives

      Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

      1. Create and format a photo album
      2. Work with PowerPoint charts and Organisation charts.
      3. Work with tables
      4. Apply custom animation and slide show controls
      5. Merge and export slides
      6. Use multimedia elements such as movies and sounds.

      Course Outline

      Creating and Formatting a Photo Album

      • Create a photo album with pictures from a file
      • Manipulating the photo album

      Inserting Multimedia Objects (Video and Audio)

      Working with Tables 

      • Creating and Formatting Tables
      • Customising a Table

      Applying Animation Effects

      • Adding and editing animation effects
      • Customising animation effects
      • Animating chart elements

      Slide show control and manipulation

      • Action buttons
      • Slide timings
      • Looping the presentation
      • Hiding slides

      Custom Slide Shows

      Templates and Slide Masters

      • Accessing and modifying slide masters
      • Accessing and modifying Handout and Notes masters
      • Inserting footers
      • Creating your own Template

      Merging and Exporting slides

      • Merging slides
      • Importing a Microsoft Word document outline
      • Saving a slide in a picture format

      Working with PowerPoint Charts 

      • Adding and managing Charts
      • Applying chart styles and layouts
      • Quick Chart formatting

      Working with Organisation Charts

      • Creating an Organisation Chart
      • Entering Text in an Organisation Chart
      • Formatting the Organisational Chart using SmartArt styles 


      • Linking an Excel chart into a PowerPoint presentation
      • Updating links
      • Working with Hyperlinks

      Colour matching and merging shapes

      Using the Screenshot feature

      Using Presenter View