Project Introduction

Duration: 1 day | Book this course
Cost: $525.00 + GST

Course Description

Students in this course will learn to create a basic project schedule with tasks and task relationships, edit and organise your project, assign resources to the tasks in your project, use Project views to get information about your project, format your project, and print views, calendars, and reports.

Familiarity with the Windows operating system is essential.

Who Should Take This Course
Professionals who want to learn the basics of Project

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

  1. Create a basic project schedule with tasks and task relationships.
  2. Edit and organise your project.
  3. Assign resources to the tasks in your project.
  4. Use Project views to get information about your project.
  5. Format your project.
  6. Print views, calendars, and reports. 

Course Outline

Exploring the Project Interface

  • The Microsoft Project Work Environment
  • Working with Existing Files

Creating and Scheduling a New Project

  • Project information
  • Change the Project working times
  • The Gantt Chart View
  • Saving Projects

Working With Tasks

  • Inserting and organising tasks
  • Creating a recurring task
  • Inserting task durations
  • Understanding the task information box
  • Editing, deleting and moving tasks

Working with Task Dependencies

  • understanding dependencies
    • Finish to Start
    • Start-to-Start
    • Finish-to-Finish
    • Start-to-Finish
  • Linking tasks to create dependencies
  • Assigning lead and lag time

Working with Resources

  • Understanding the Resource Sheet view
  • Entering resource information

Assigning Resources

  • Understanding Task types
  • Assigning a Resource to a Task

Viewing the Critical Path

Over allocations

  • Resource Usage View
  • Resource Allocation View
  • Resource Allocation Graph

Enhancing Your Project

  • Changing the colour, shape, or pattern of Gantt bars
  • Changing the Gantt bars quickly using a style
  • Creating a new type of Gantt bar
  • Adding text to Gantt bars
  • Adding Specific Gantt bar
  • Changing the height of Gantt bars
  • Changing the appearance of link lines between Gantt bars

Printing Project Reports

  • Printing a basic report
  • Adding a header, footer, or legend to a view

    Project Intermediate

    Duration: 1 day | Book this course
    Cost: $650.00 + GST

    Course Description

    This course will help students learn to sort and find tasks or resources in a project; use views, tables, details, groups, and filters to view project information; create and edit views, tables, and filters; shorten the critical path of your project and manage your project’s resources; manage and view cost information; and track the completion of tasks in your project.

    Participants should have completed the Project Introduction level or have equivalent experience.

    Who Should Take This Course
    Professionals using Project to manage tasks and projects

    Course Objectives

    Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

    1. Filter and group items
    2. Modify project views
    3. Use the Task Inspector
    4. Split and delay items
    5. Make tasks inactive
    6. Update progress and costs
    7. View project status
    8. Run reports

    Course Outline

    Working with Views, Tables, Groups, and Filters

    • Choosing a different view
    • Choosing a different table in a view
    • Inserting and rearranging columns in a table
    • Sorting tasks, assignments, and resources
    • Grouping tasks, assignments, and resources
    • Filtering tasks, assignments, and resources
    • Modifying task bar styles, text, and layout
    • Modifying text styles and text formatting
    • Using the Timeline view to summarise a project

    Modifying Schedules

    • Using the Task Inspector to handle scheduling issues
    • Splitting and delaying tasks and assignments
    • Adjusting a work contour
    • Leveling resources
    • Inactivating tasks

    Tracking Projects and Managing Costs

    • Understanding baseline, scheduled, and actual values
    • Saving and clearing a baseline
    • Editing tasks and adding them to a baseline
    • Updating the schedule
    • Using overtime
    • Updating costs
    • Making global progress updates to a project

    Viewing and Sharing Project Information

    • Viewing project status
    • Looking for schedule and cost problems
    • Running a text-based report
    • Generating a visual report
    • Working with the Global Template
    • Importing and exporting information

    Consolidating Project Plans

    • Understanding Master Projects
    • Inserting Subprojects
    • Unlinking a Subproject from the Master Project
    • Removing a Subproject
    • Creating Task Dependencies Between Projects