Visio Essential Training

Duration: 1 day | Book this course
Cost: $420.00 + GST

Course Description

This one day class covers the basics of Microsoft Visio. Participants will learn how to create a block diagram, flow chart, floor plan, and organisational chart.


Familiarity with the Windows operating system is essential. If you are unsure, please complete a Training Needs Assessment form by clicking here or email

Who Should Take This Course

New users of Visio.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will have learned how to:

  1. Create and work with shapes and connectors in Visio
  2. Add background, borders and titles to a diagram
  3. Work with stencils and create a custom stencil
  4. Use Visio templates to create a block diagram, flow chart, cross-functional flowchart, floor plan and organizational chart.

Course Outline

Understanding the Visio screen

  • The Visio screen layout (the ribbon, quick access toolbar, shapes pane)

Drawing Basics

  • Drawing a shape and adding connectors

Building a Diagram

  • The Shapes/Stencils Pane
  • Adding connectors
  • Adding Text to a shape or connector
  • Adding borders, titles and backgrounds

Formatting the Drawing

  • Formatting text, shapes and connectors
  • Adding shape layout
  • Using Themes

Managing Shapes

  • Stacking, aligning and distributing shapes
  • Grouping shapes
  • Snap & Glue
  • Using Guides


  • Create a custom stencil

Working with Layers

  • Assign a shape to a layer
  • Add a new layer

Using Visio Templates

  • Creating a block diagram 
  • Creating a basic and cross-functional flowchart 
  • Creating a Floor plan
  • Creating an Organization chart

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