Public Speaking Skills Workshop

Duration:  1 day | Book this course
Cost: $495+GST

Course Overview
This public speaking course will help to overcome nervousness, boost confidence, and increase professionalism by teaching practical tools and techniques that can be utilised straight away. This course provides participants with valuable public speaking skills, including in-depth information on developing an engaging program and delivering a presentation with confidence and power.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

  • Analyse an audience and tailor the delivery accordingly
  • Design presentations for maximum impact
  • Expand on key point to ensure clarity
  • Master techniques to overcome nervousness and present with confidence
  • Practice techniques that ensure clear, concise and effective wording is used
  • Deliver a polished, professional and credible speech
  • Handle questions and comments effectively

Course Outline

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    Time Management Skills Workshop

    Duration:  1/2 day | Book this course
    Cost: please call 021 364 337

    Who Should Take This Course
    People who want to develop or need to improve on their time management skills.

    Course Objectives

    Upon completing this course, you will have learned how to:

    1. Understand the components of Time Management
    2. Identify what constitutes procrastination
    3. Appreciate the reasons why we procrastinate
    4. Learn anti-procrastination strategies
    5. Appreciate why we should set goals
    6. Discuss the Ten myths and realities in goal setting
    7. Learn SMART goal setting
    8. Understand the value of task prioritisation
    9. Learn prioritisation techniques
    10. Understand why some people fail
    11. Develop practical communication strategies in the event of deadline failure

    Course Outline

    What do we mean by Time Management?

    Time Management
    The main components of Time Management

    • Procrastination
    • Planning
    • Goal setting
    • Prioritising
    • Managing interruptions

    Identifying procrastination

    • In the individual
    • In the task

    Why do we procrastinate?

    • Laziness
    • Apathy
    • Inability to complete the task
    • Fear of failure
    • Lack of planning

    Beating the Procrastination Peril

    • Beware! Procrastination is habitual
    • Rewards
    • Peer pressure
    • Identify the unpleasant consequences
    • Cost

    Goal setting

    • Long-term vision
    • Short-term motivation
    • Provides focus
    • Helps to organize your time
    • Allocation of resources

    Goal setting value to you

    • Pride in achievement
    • Measurement of progress
    • Improvement in self-confidence

    The value of task prioritisation

    • Avoid focussing on easy/enjoyable tasks
    • Ensures important tasks identified
    • Prioritisation forces task evaluation
    • Saves time

    Some prioritisation techniques

    • Simple – time constraints etc
    • The Urgent/Important matrix
    • Pareto analysis

    10 reasons why people fail

    • Action without planning
    • Planning without action
    • Unrealistic timeframes and expectations
    • Reasons “why” unclear
    • Denial of reality
    • Conflicting values
    • Diffusion of energy
    • Lack of focus
    • Trying to do it all alone
    • Fear of failure

    Communication strategies when deadlines threatened

    • When is “deadline threatened”?
    • What triggers next stage?
    • Who needs to be aware?
    • When to communicate?
    • Method of communication
    • Rewards and penalties


    • Summarise key points
    • Review learning objectives
    • Create action plans